Prof. Elvis Ngole Ngole Urges Kamto To Concede Defeat


By Njodzeka Danhatu

The Head of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement campaign caravan for the Kupe Maningkhoba, Professor Elvis Ngole Ngole, has declared that the Cameroon Renaissance Movement’s post-election litigations for partial cancellation of the October 7 election results were thrown out by the constitutional council because they lack substance and relevance in the law, and that the party’s flag bearer should concede defeat.

Prof. Elvis Ngole Ngole

He was speaking on Sunday October 28, in an interview granted to Cameroon Calling, a radio programme on the National Station of the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV. The Former Minister of forestry and wild life said the opposition did not win because they lacked the experience and organisation. He went on to say “they may lack the experience and the finances unlike CPDM that had a formidable organisation. CPDM was everywhere and Mr Biya knew Cameroon very well since 1962”

The Board Chairman of the Douala General hospital while praising the Constitutional Council reached out to Kamto urging him to accept defeat like others.” We hope Kamto realise Constitutional Council’s judgement and work for the good of the Republic. He is a man with republican values”.

According to Ngole Ngole, Pual Biya is now a President for all Cameroonians “President Biya is for all including Kamto. Biya’s political vision believes in an open society”.

The Political Scientist and CPDM Academician went on to say that the CPDM party is a humble and honest party headed by a man imbedded with democratic and republican values.

The President of the CRM party, Maurice Kamto has vowed to challenge the election results, as he holds that they were marred with irregularities.

Other candidates like Cabral Libii, Joshua Osih, Franklin Ndifor and Serge Espoir Matomba have so far conceded defeat from Mr Biya and have pledged to work for the growth of Cameroon.


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