SOBA UK Overturns National Council’s Decision To Dismiss, Suspend Some Members


By Andrew Nsoseka

The United Kingdom’s Chapter of Sasse Old Boys Association, SOBA UK, has in a press outing, after a meeting on September 22, dismissed the decision taken by the national chapter of the association, to dismiss, suspend and warn some of its members, for alleged acts of misconduct.

Prof. Ephraim Ngwafor, President of SOBA National

In a press statement, the UK Chapter wrote that it has unanimously voted “to dismiss the SOBA National Council decisions in Cameroon put before it by its executive and declared the decisions as invalid. The General Assembly of SOBA UK confirms this matter as closed and members concerned should continue as members of the association in the United Kingdom.” The message partly reads.

On the reason for their outing and condemnation, the UK Chapter cites that “there are no bases for these draconian sanctions, and that the SOBA UK General Assembly was never consulted on this matter.” They furthered by reiterating that their decision to dismiss the sanctions of the national assembly, is supreme and final, “as per Article 18.1 and 18.2 of the SOBA UK Constitution”.

According SOBA UK, the members concerned in the said disciplinary sanctions which they described as draconian, are registered members of SOBA UK and as such, any matter concerning them cannot be referred to the General Assembly in Cameroon.

SOBA UK writes that their outing, was inspired by the fact that on 3 September 2018, the SOBA National Council in Cameroon made the pronouncements to the effect that;

“Mr Ayuk Akoh-Arrey, Mr Francis Shupo and Mr John Bawak were expelled from the Sasse Old boys Association (SOBA) for life with no recourse to readmission in any SOBA chapter in the world, Mr Dennis Angafor was suspended for a period of 5 years and without leave for registration in any chapter in the world.  Mr Bime Lafon, Mr Babangida Usamatu, Mr Batey Tako and Mr Frankline Egbe were seriously warned and advised to deceit (SGC representation) from unethical activities that will attract further sanctions from the SGC.”

On what prompted the said action of SOBA National, the UK branch writes that they were charged for Contempt of the Proprietor of St Joseph’s College Sasse, the SOBA General Council, SOBA General, SOBA President General and SOBA General Executives; Usage of the SOBA name, and logo for disruptive purposes; Slanderous and libellous statements made against the SOBA General Council, SOBA General, SOBA President General and SOBA General Executive; Advocating severance or complete separation from SOBA General (national chapter); Misrepresenting, fabricating and altering the contents of the SOBA Constitution to advance own agenda.”

Challenging the decision of SOBA National, the UK Chapter writes that “the quorum of the SOBA National Council that took these decisions remains unclear but, it is believed that a few  SOBA National Executives (whose mandate was ended by the Revival General Assembly meeting of 4 March 2018 for breaching Article 23.1 SOBA Constitution, 1991) took these decisions.”

Going by SOBA UK, the national chapter did not refer these decisions to the supreme body of SOBA, the General Assembly, whilst the members concerned have made a referral to their reference UK General Assembly.

Throwing light on the controversy, The UK Chapter recalled that On 24 July 2018, members of SOBA UK received a message from Mr Ebot Mfoataw announcing ‘Notice of Investigation for Gross Misconduct’. “On 26 July 2018, a response proposing an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was sent by these “Individuals”, individually and together to Mr Ebot Mfoataw and to the competent authority as prescribed by the 1991 SOBA Constitution.

On 3 September 2018, Mr Ebot Mfoataw sent another communication to the same individuals making the above pronouncements, which have been circulated throughout the social media and a clear attempt to discredit and humiliate the SOBA UK executive.

The SOBA National branch has failed to hold General Assembly meetings and has allowed the SOBA National Council led by a handful of individuals to become the de facto Supreme Authority of SOBA which is against the constitution.”


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