“The Man-Lions of Our Time”-Ayah Paul Lament On Decaying Rule of Law



Late Justice JPC Nganje once agreed with me in open court that few are born rebels but many are turned into rebels by the society. One is turned into an uncompromising rebel when one is confronted with a problem but one finds there is just nobody willing/ready to listen to one. Frustration does move such a person from dissidence through rebelliousness to blind anarchical destruction of human civilization.

Ayah Paul Abine

I woke up today with a cloudy mind and got up with a heavy head. I am doubting more and more if I would not have been happier without knowing the law. I remember reading a text in French about a community that experienced sublime happiness in the absence of representation. The metaphor depicted community where everyone was naked as agreed. Nobody could be identified by artifacts: no leader, no policeman, no judge, no doctor… Hedonism did set its seal in the absence of distinction, intimidation – in short, IDENTITY!

By contrast, here was a goat drinking water downstream. The lion drinking upstream accused the goat of dirtying its water. The goat argued that it was preposterous because water flowed from the lion down to the goat. The lion accused the goat of calling the lion a liar. For that reason, the goat deserved death. It killed the goat and ate it up.

The man-lions of our time do kill or permit the killing or endorse the killing of others in a bid to protect their interests by all means. As a result, they have replaced the law (JUSTICE, in fact) with INTEREST. The law has become a highly flexible discretion with infinite elasticity.

I may have been less upset if I knew not the law: which knowledge has brought me the obsession of doing right – seeing the right thing done. Today, I feel really so truly alone! But there is solace: the kingdom of God is yet to come.

Father in heaven.
Holy be thy name.
Thy kingdom come…

Therefore am I not alone.
Wipe those tears, boy.
The kingdom is near.



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