Mayor Ekema Accuse CPDM Elites For Attempted Murder


The Mayor of Buea, in a press outing has accused his colleagues of the Cameroon’s People Democratic Movement, CPDM, of masterminding an attack on him at Sawa Hotel in Douala, aimed at assassinating him, Ekema.

In an interview granted the Press, the Mayor declared “I want the population to stay calm. It was an attempt to assassinate the Mayor, and God was in control. I am alive and this ceremony is taking place. I won’t say that it was perpetrated by secessionists. It was totally organised by the CPDM elite of the region who attended the launching at Mountain Hotel”. Ekema declared.

He furthered by narrating that his CPDM comrades “raised a false alarm to the military authorities in Douala that there were four armed secessionists at the hotel. We went to Douala to procure party uniforms for our militants and because we could not get the uniforms at that time, we had to look for a place to sit and have a meal. So we sat at the open canteen at Sawa Hotel, near the swimming pool and some of them were at Pullman Hotel…the others were at Sawa hotel. They raised an alarm to the security forces that we were secessionists and so they came outrightly to eliminate us. It is only God who saved us. It has nothing to do with the secessionist movement. It is an elite plot to eliminate me and my comrades”. Ekema concluded.

Patrick Ekema’s outing and declarations in Buea on Thursday, September 26, was made, when reporters questioned him on the controversial gun brawl at Sawa Hotel in Douala on Monday September 24, a day after the launching of Campaigns in Buea, for the Southwest region in Buea.

Going by Mayor Ekema, the plot to eliminate him was fostered instantaneously after the launch of the CPDM campaigns at Mountain Hotel, Buea on Sunday, September 23.

Ekema claims that during the campaign launch that day, he “exposed certain truths about the Southwest elite, which angered them.”

The Sawa Hotel Drama

The incident that happened at Sawa Hotel in Douala involving the Mayor, his team and State security officials, has had many versions of what happened, leaving the public confused as to what really transpired in the hotel behind the scenes, before culminating in the drama that circulated on social media in video clips.

In one of the clips, the Mayor appeared lying flat on his stomach, while officers interrogate and search as Mayor Ekema struggled to introduce himself. The Mayor was raised to his feet, as one of the officers grabbed him firmly on his back while pushing him forward to where others were held. The officer will later on leave the Mayor’s shirt, and rather grab the Mayor firmly by the neck, using his elbow and forehand, while commanding and pushing the Mayor to move to an arena where others had been detained. In another separate clip following that one, elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion, best known as BIR, in full amour were seen entering and taking up positions in the hotel premises. At the end of that particular clip, the Mayor could be seen seated on the floor alongside others while officers stood over them, with weapons drawn. In another separate video, officers could be seen, interrogating and searching civilians, while gunshots echoed in the background. It is not know who was shooting and whom they shooter or shooters were aiming at.


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