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Torture Of Separatist’s Brother, Another Affront To Human Rights

In the video filmed by the officers, Tata is being tortured into a coma, by the officers who demand that he tells them where in the bush his brother, a supposed separatist fighter, is hiding. Tata was beaten on the soles of his feet, his buttocks, his back, and even his belly, with a machete. He was also kicked severally on the head. The officers poured water on him while torturing.

Meet Cemark Bemsimbom, Cameroon’s Zealous Upcoming Actor

Call him Cemark Bemsimbom, but the young upcoming actor in the Cameroon Film Industry is popularly known as Cemark Contripikin.
Many may not know Cermark, but his role in movies he has featured in tells a story of a young man who wants to make a mark in the Cameroon movie industry.

Kom Fon Celebrates Centenarian Grand Prince, Honours Two Elite

Kom is renowned as a very jealous preserver of its cultural values. It predominantly practices the matrilineal system of succession, and harbours the Afo-A- Kom statue, the statue which first gave fame to Cameroonian culture in 1963.
Foyn Ndzi II, via his envoy, Prince Ngam Nsom, was celebrating a grand Prince of the Kom Kingdom; a man who stands tall in the values of truth, justice, development, peace and unity. To Pa Tom Yong, these would not be simply words, but values upheld in practice, and transferred down to his Bobong community, Kom and the entire society, yet beginning with his 17 children, 49 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. In his usual humility, Tom Yong would cook for his guests and place the pot before them; and you better have the good sense of reserving some for the next unknown guest.

L-R Prof Ndue, Dr Abrams Egbe, Prof Ndefru, Prof

Prof. Ndefru’s New Book Proposes Solutions To Issues In Public Administration

The Author of the book, Prof Ndefru, who said he needed to write the book, decried that the public administration in Cameroon and Africa “is a Lacuna”.
He questioned why public administrators behave the way they do, why a file will take five years from Buea to Yaounde, why people join a service and work for years without salaries.

Meet Godisz Fungwa, Cameroon Movie Industry’s Biggest Revelation

Once upon a time, a young and enterprising man, Godisz Fungwa was born in Bamenda, Northwest Region of Cameroon. Growing up in a family that had many ambitions, Godisz had set up his mind towards the mountain, hoping to reach there one day, as far as acting is concerned.

Meet Elizabeth Lekeaka: Miss Beach 2021 Contestant

My name is Elizabeth Lekeaka, 21 years old from Lebialem Division- Southwest region
I am a graduate from the University of Buea, I studied Accounting and I live in Limbe with my mom and siblings.
This is my first beauty pageant. I joined the miss beach contest because, modelling has always been a part of me, not only because people told me I’m pretty and fit but, because I’ve always had that passion.

CAS Ends Seidou Mbombo Njoya’s Reign As FECAFOOT Boss

On Friday, January 15, 2021, the Court of Arbitration for Sports invalidated the election that brought the executive committee of Cameroon’s Football governing body, FECAFOOT to power.
Exactly less than 24 hours to the start of the CHAN, CAS annulled the election that brought Prince Seidou MBOMBO NJOYA’s executive committee to the helm of FECAFOOT.

CHAN 2021: Intermediate Lions, Cameroonians Are Looking Up To You

On Saturday, the Intermediate Lions of Cameroon will take on Zimbabwe in the opening match of the 2021 African Nations Championship dubbed CHAN.
The match to be staged at the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium is expected bring together the continent’s football house as well other stakeholders in and out of the continent.

Are Extra-judicial Killings Normalised In Anglophone Regions?

Since the Anglophone crisis started, many suspects arrested for supposed anti-government activities, or links with separatists have been summarily executed without trial, or even further investigations.
The most recent of some of the callous killings is the incident in Mautu on January 10 where, in an alleged hunt for separatists, some locals, including an elderly woman and her grandchild, alongside seven others were killed.